Are You Seeking More Than Just a “Job”? Would You Love to Contribute Your Super Powers to a Dream Team, and Enjoy the Freedom that A-Players Deserve?!

It is our mission to help business owners, emerging public companies, and family businesses from around the world simplify their finances, so they can focus on the things that matter! 

So, if you are looking to do something meaningful, while learning the latest strategies in the financial world and help make an impact by contributing your ninja skills in tax, audit, accounting, bookkeeping and more, we want to hear from you!

It all starts with the first step, tell us a little bit about yourself. Complete the following few questions and then we can get to the good stuff!

Do You Like to Solve Problems and Build Financial Empires??

In a dynamically consolidating industry, Rose, Snyder and Jacobs has made a specific choice to maintain itself as an independent accounting firm. We prefer to maintain a local firm feel and maintain and develop capabilities tailored for our kind of clients. Those clients range from small business to large entrepreneurial organizations that need more than typical local firm expertise. We will offer client centered accounting, tax and consulting services designed to bridge what is often a divide that causes accountants to deliver work late or unexpectedly costly. We seek to make the path to meeting our client’s requirements as painless and helpful as possible.
If you're looking for a career with high growth potential, a supportive family atmosphere and you like to help clients solve problems and simplify their numbers, then take the next step to tell us a bit about you!

Why Should YOU Work For Rose, Snyder & Jacobs??

For years, Rose, Snyder & Jacobs has been a staple in Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley for nearly 40 years. Originally founded as Tony A. Rose Accountancy Corporation back in early 1976, by Tony and his mentor Mary Snyder, the goal from the beginning was to create a unique process that would benefit our clients. We have grown greatly over the years as modern-day ideas and technology have come in to play influencing the evolution of that unique process that was born back in 1976. One thing that has not changed is the diligent and professional attention we pay to our clients, their accounts and financial goals. We care. We are different and we put the magic back into accounting! Do you have the magic touch that can help our team grow and thrive?

Where You Fit In

Imagine working with a team of focused, driven achievers who are passionate about what they do. Imagine being an important member of that team, all collaborating towards one common goal, to help people organize, chart and achieve their financial dreams!
Ok, so you might be saying this sounds a little too good to be true..
We hear ya! Of course, we have our moments, we have our frustrations and challenges but if you’re a part of this team – you’ll see how we feed off the energy of each other, thereby exponentially increasing our individual productivity. We focus on outcomes rather than obstacles, together.
So, no matter what role you fit into, you can trust that you will help contribute to our client’s ever-growing service needs. Bottom line is at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs you’ll fit into our team to help be a force for good and have the opportunity to continuously make a difference!
50+ current team members
And over 40 years of experience – a place where you can build a career with security.
We have a huge family of happy clients and successful business owners. This will be a place you’ll be proud to call home.
A recognized industry leader, you’re with a company focused on service, leadership, value and creating results for our clients.

Ready to Apply for a Position at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs?

This Three Step Process Will Help You See if We’re a Fit for Each Other

RSJ is not a regular company. We build great teams to make a big impact! We have a set of core values that help us focus on client needs, provide unmatched service and secure the success of our client’s endeavors. We seek recruits with equal ambition and unique abilities!
Because of this, we have a 3 step approach for you to apply.
Ask yourself, does our mission appeal to you?
Next, are you aligned with our values?
And third, what position are you best suited for?
Pretty simple right?

Step One: Does Our Mission Excite You?

We have a few roles available here at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs, but before applying, see if you are in alignment with our values below.

Step Two: Do You Align with Our Values?

Team Player

  • We work in a community of great players. 
  • Together we are more effective than alone.
Above all things, RSJ team members are mindful that we work in a community of great players. We work always to the theme that together we are more effective than alone.

Batteries Included

  • We work with intensity because that is the way we roll.
  • We take our commitments seriously
  • ​We work to solve problems, not identify impediments to progress. 
Team members take meeting their commitments seriously. They are self-starters and leverage our value of team work to get done with energy.

Good Attitude

  • We are grateful for our opportunities to serve our clients and the gift of our team. 
  • Our themes of teamwork and persistence includes respect for those around us. 
  • ​When we get up on the wrong side of the bed we shake it off and do our work. 
Gratitude for those around us and those we serve powers our effectiveness.

Here to Serve

  • We are a solution-oriented business dedicated to serve those we work for and work with.
  • It is truly what we can do for others more than what we can do for ourselves.
We are people who serve. Great work is not our goal. It is a method to get at the goal of serving each of our clients. In like spirit we serve each other.

Ownership of Work

  • We know our role and how we add to the value of our enterprise and our team.
  • We take responsibility for what does not work and take pride on what does work.
When performing our service we are mindful that we have been engaged to produce the client’s desired outcomes. We own that obligation as individual members of the team and collectively as a group. We know that we get there by honoring the refer-ability standards.

Committed to the Future 

  • We are The Who that knows The How when someone seeks The What. 
  • Growth of client base promotes our firm’s stability.
  • ​Growth of capability enables us to bring to our clients greater value.
Growth helps all of us. The old saying that a rising tide raises all ships applies to us. That means that we are always on the look out for ways to provide greater value to our clients. It means that we offer our services by making our abilities known to all so that we can be front of mind to them when a friend or colleague is seeking great accountants and counselors.

Step Three: Want Your Dream Career?

The founders knew that they would swim or sink together. We were there to help each other. In order to do that we needed to see solutions when issues occurred. Our business is a solution business not a problem business. We never knew if we would be successful, but we knew how to adjust and could be successful together. Our clients do not work for us, we work for them. Our team members may work for us but without them we would be no place.

Which Role Do You Think You Best Fit For?



Account Specialist

Administrative Assistant

Audit Manager

Full Charge Bookkeeper

Senior Audit Associate

Senior Tax Associate

Staff Auditor

Tax Manager

Tax Staff

Tax Supervisor

Other Apply

We offer competitive compensation as well as growth and training that will set you apart from any other accountant or bookkeeper in our industry.

You’ll have opportunities and challenges and also be rewarded on your valued contribution.

Benefits Include:

  • Top pay
  • Paid Holidays
  • Paid Vacation Days
  • ​Paid Personal and Sick Days
  • ​Medical Health Plans
  • ​Bonus Plan (varied positions)

We Place a Strong Emphasis On:

  • Ongoing Training and Education
  • Professionalism
  • Drug Free Work Environment
  • ​Team Attitude and Focus
  • Equal Opportunity
  • ​And much more…

Next Steps...

If you’re ready to explore the opportunities we have and be a part of team, hit the button below and Apply Now!

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