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We’re seeking top talent. Our staff at Rose, Snyder & Jacobs are achievement minded, responsible, and love making an impact - while making a great living at the same time. As a team member, you'll get to enjoy amazing training and development, growth opportunities, autonomy, and being part of a movement. Let’s make a difference - not available at ANY other accounting firm!

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  • Want to get our attention and stand out? After you submit this info below, in lieu of a cover letter, send a video cover letter. Record yourself on your phone or camera, speaking on a 3-minute video, and upload it privately to YouTube! Send us the link at and tell us about why you think you'd be a great addition for our team. 

What you can expect during the selection process

Step 1 Application

Start by filling out the survey and questionnaire above. Don’t worry, we review all applicants.

Step 2 Pre-Screening

Once you submit your information, it goes through a pre-screening. If we find a match, we'll contact you to arrange the next step - which will likely be a short Skype or phone conversation.

Step 3 Follow Up Interview(s)

We hire slow. If you are a good fit after going through the previous steps, we'll invite you for a series of next steps including follow up interviews. Typically we'll organize 3 rounds of interviews (sometimes all in the same day). You'll meet some of our Leadership Team, Executive Team, and a few peers. The interviews are a chance to get to know each other, and for you to tell us why you would be a good fit. You can tell us about your goals, talents, and where you would like to grow. You'll get a glimpse into Breakthrough3x, our team, and culture as well as ask any questions you might have.

Step 4 Review of References

Before we make an official offer for work with us, we'll ask you to provide references from previous supervisors regarding work you've done. We will check with them to get insights into their experience with you.

Step 5 The Offer

If we're a fit for each other, you’ll be offered a position. Congratulations, you are about to become an official member of our TEAM!

After you’re hired: Onboarding Process

So you’ve made it through our process and received an offer. What happens next?
Our Team will walk you through our handbook, get your paperwork filled out, and start our ongoing training process. We will also set you up with a company email, access to your company tools, introduce you to team and show you the kitchen ;-) 

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